Frequently asked questions

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Who is AcornChat best for?
I designed it to work best for entrepreneurs and small teams. If you have a really large customer service team, then it probably doesn't have all the features you will need 🙂
Can I change the colors?
Yep! The colors and text are fully customizable.
What if I'm not online?
AcornChat can check if you're online and (optionally) show an email capture widget instead of live chat until you're back on Slack.
Can I use it on multiple sites?
Yep! You can use it on as many sites as you want, and have all messages get routed to a single Slack workspace (to the same channel, or different channels - your choice)
Does it work with multiple Slack accounts?
Each AcornChat account is connected to a single Slack workspace. If you'd like it to go to multiple workspaces instead, please let me know:
What do I have to add to my website?
There's a single javascript tag that you will have to add to your website. That javascript tag will show the chat widget button on your site and handle all the chat interactions.
How does it connect to Slack?
When you set up a chat widget you create a new channel or select an existing channel in Slack. Then when a visitor chats with you, AcornChat will create a new thread in that channel for each visitor. When you respond in that thread, it shows up in the chat widget for that visitor.
How many people can use it?
There's a soft limit of 50 employees who can be in the Slack channel because of Slack's API limits. If you have more employees than that, feel free to reach out: